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We prefer to have 90mins to set up. If time is an issue get in touch.

If it's not possible to set up or break down the photo booth directly before or after an event no problem. The hours the booth isn't in use will be classed as idle hours

For example: if you'd like us to be finished the installation at 7pm but your photo booth won't be active until 9, there would be 2 hours of idle time charged at £10 per hour
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Available only as an alternative to greenscreen. Please select black background if you'd like to use this option

Things to consider.

If you'd like classic images that could potentially be framed the black background is recommended.
If you'd like the experience to be more light-hearted and allow interaction with the background the green screen is recommended.

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Premium plus guest book is our most popular option and is highly recommended.

Photo Strip

Check out our templates at: our design gallery If you haven't decided yet, don't worry, you can let us know up to two weeks before your event.

E.g. James and Paula's Wedding 4/1/2014

E.g. James and Paula's Wedding 4/1/2014

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