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DIY work?

We’ve seen plenty of DIY wedding photo booths and whether it’s a success or not really depends on what your expectations are.
You have to face up to the fact that the experience is going to be very different to a professional photo booth company. That’s not terrible, but if you’re expecting top quality photos and print outs you may find yourself disappointed.

And nobody wants that!

Things to consider for your DIY wedding photo booth

Will you supply the camera

  • A webcam or point and click camera is recommended if you have no prior photography knowledge. The main thing to get right if you’re using a webcam is lighting. Without it, your images will not be great.

Will you have a backdrop?

  • Pay attention to what is in the background of your DIY wedding photo booth. Your great aunt might not be thrilled to be in the background of every picture.


  • Try to get the right balance between lighting the pictures and lighting the whole room. Try to enclose the “booth” or use a flash. Your DJ has probably laboured to create the perfect ambience and might not appreciate the light pollution.


  • When you choose props try to get the most robust. Even the most sedate celebrations get boisterous when people are delving into a prop box.

Consider alternatives.

If you would like to put your own stamp on the pictures, why not have a DIY wedding photo booth but with a twist. We offer a selfie print station which turns everyone’s mobile phone into a photo booth.

Get in touch for more information

Hire a professional photo booth. The prices might not be as much as you think and most good companies will offer to customise the experience to suit your event. 

If you do decide to have a DIY wedding photo booth – do lots of research, keep it simple and have fun.


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