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Is a cheap photo booth hire worth the cost?


The reason for this blog is simple, we get messages every week from distraught clients asking for last minute availability because they’ve been let down or who have realised their booth isn’t what they expected.

When you hire a photo booth, of course you should shop around. We’d all love a limitless budget but not many of us are lucky enough to have one. There is nothing wrong with paying a fair price and our clients are frequently surprised by the value we offer. However, price shouldn’t be the overwhelming factor. Have a list of all of the features that you would like and, most importantly, check the quality of the pictures! 

Most photo booth companies will have a gallery you can see or offer to send you a link to one. You don’t get a second chance with traditional photography and photo booths are no different.

Another reason to beware of “too good to be true” prices is the reliability.

There are some unscrupulous operators who fill all of their dates with cheap bookings BUT carry on quoting at a higher price; only to cancel each time they “upgrade” to a better priced booking. They’re effectively selling your date to the highest bidder while having a “fall back booking” (you).

They go out of business. This is more common than you’d think. Photo booths aren’t cheap to do correctly and start up companies soon realise that their hobby job is not as profitable as they imagined. Photo booths are becoming more and more popular but there are booth businesses being sold everyday by disillusioned and bankrupt operators.


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